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Aaron Silber

Senior Web Designer
Aaron Silber

Our resident digital polymath, Aaron shares a wide knowledge of how products and services are designed and built for the web.

Did you know?

  • Enjoys woodworking.
  • Can code a quine.
  • Hid an Easter egg in this site.
Dunes with the Silber family.

Aaron and his wife Savannah have a young daughter, Elise.

When he can, Aaron spends time in his workshop woodworking.

When he can, Aaron spends time in his woodworking shop.

A custom bird feeder Aaron made from cedar.

A custom bird feeder designed and built by Aaron using only hand-tools. Western red cedar.

Family laying on the deck
Neighborhood overlooking South Charleston

Aaron lives with his family in South Charleston, WV.

Aaron's Milestones

These are a few milestones Aaron has contributed to at Omni.
View more of our work in the Value Dashboard.

Designed a new brand and tourism website sharing the beautiful experiences found in Hampshire County, WV.


A big digital experience for a small-town team.

A new digital experience for one of the premier law firms in the region.

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