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Chip Calissie

Director of Sales
Chip Callisie

With over 25 years of Sales and Management experience, Chip understands the importance of developing strong partnerships built on trust & communication. A lifelong resident of the Ohio Valley, Chip is proud to offer solutions that make a difference for the clients that Omni serves. Chip lives in Wheeling with his wife, Jennifer & is a father to two outstanding young ladies, Amanda (Raleigh,NC - School teacher) & Cate (College soccer player & future teacher - West Liberty University).

Did you know?

  • Prefers title of “Director of GSD” (Getting S*** Done)
  • High School Basketball Coach & AAU Basketball Director
  • Loves losing golf balls & cold beer
Warrior run.

"I'm too old for this!"

Chip and his daughter Amanda at her wedding.

"I'm too young for this!"

Chip and his daughter.


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