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Darla Nice

Office Manager / Dispatcher
Darla Nice

When somebody asks a child what they want to be when they grow-up, sometimes they may say "doctor" or "veterinarian." Sometimes you have a kid that dreams big and shouts, "a superhero!" Then they work hard and grow up to be someone just like Darla. Her lightning-fast reflexes and mental acuity keep us organized and paddling in the right direction.

Did you know?

  • Avid reader.
  • Hired the same year Windows 95 was released.
  • Loves to work in her garden.

Darla Nice has been with Omni since 1995. Originally hired as Corporate Purchasing Administrator, she is currently Omni’s Office Manager and Dispatcher. Darla has worked in the information technology field for nearly 30 years. She came to Omni from the Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston after working for 10 years as Manager of their internal computer department. The Diocese was at the time, a client of Omni’s and after working with Liz Gates on their network installation, she decided she wanted to work for her at Omni. Darla is an avid reader and loves working in her garden. She enjoys talking to and assisting customers and helping them get the assistance they need.

Darla's Milestones

These are a few milestones Darla has contributed to at Omni.
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Implemented Electronic Health Records at Good Shepherd Nursing Home, LLC for Nursing, Dietary, Activities, Business Office

IT Consulting, Network Engineering

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