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Paul Phoenix

Business Development Associate
Paul Phoenix

Paul joined our Charleston office in 2018 and is best known for his work in sales. He has years of experience in technology sales and is a genuinely friendly guy.

Did you know?

  • Enjoys operating heavy equipment.
  • Likes building and working with wood.
  • Likes watching the achievements of his children and grand children.
  • Likes traveling and high-end recreational vehicles.

Paul is a Texan by birth and a West Virginian by choice.

Paul decided to marry his high-school sweetheart, Shirlett, who he had 5 children with within a 10 year span. Their children are all grown and have given them 8 grandchildren (5 boys and 3 girls). They live in 4 different states as one just returned to WV.

"I grew up in the family construction business in Houston and migrated into the sales world. My sales career started with office equipment and then moved to telecom where i have spent the majority of my sales years."

Paul's large family attempts to take a family photo while the youngest children squirm in their parent's arms.

Paul's children and their children.

Paul stands 20 feet atop a ladder on the outside of his house, attempting to install a new exterior window. He jokingly says that the scaffolding was OSHA approved (it's not).

OSHA approved scaffolding.

Paul having fun with his family at Coopers Rock State Forest.

Paul having fun with his family at Coopers Rock State Forest.

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