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Steve Kay

Director of Technology Services
Steve Kay

A degree in English and an MBA? IT works! No pun intended! Steve oversees the engineering and technology at Omni and is also one of our lead engineers. He speaks English and knows how IT directly impacts the bottom line. Again no pun intended.

Did you know?

  • Loves the Mountaineers.
  • His uncle founded Zaxby's.
  • Class speaker at MBA graduation.
Steve and his wife, Jennifer, in Panama.

Steve and his wife, Jennifer, visited Panama during Steve's MBA studies.

Steve built the panama canal.

Economists can't explain why Panama's GPD increased by 9% that year, but I think we all know the answer.

Steve at the Grand Canyon

How beautiful is the Grand Canyon? It's just gorges.

Steve dogs, Copper and Bandit.

Steve and his dawgs, Copper and Bandit.

Steve points at a newspaper.

Steve points at a newspaper while pretending to yell into a red telephone.

Steve's Milestones

These are a few milestones Steve has contributed to at Omni.
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We worked with their new internet provider to replace the park wide wireless network utilizing less backbone equipment than was implemented by a previous provider.

Network Engineering

Implemented Microsoft Active Directory to help them meet a need for wireless network authentication

Network Engineering

Helped them meet security compliance with one of their high profile clients.

Cyber Security

Helped the WV State Treasury with the preparation and transition to a refreshed scanning system.

Network Engineering

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