A new digital experience for one of the premier law firms in the region.

Bordas & Bordas has a reputation as being one of the most premier law firms in the region. The firm had a maturing digital strategy that had outgrown their current web platform and they reached out to Omni for help.


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A New Digital Partnership

Wheelhouse Creative, an award-winning, full service advertising agency in the Upper Ohio Valley region, reached out to Omni in late 2017 to discuss a partnership on a new regional law firm website. They'd begun strategic planning for the new site, and it was clear that they'd need a development partner to realize their project goals. Wheelhouse brought their creative experience in the legal field, and Omni brought their expertise in developing modern websites and in designing responsive platforms.

Wheelhouse Creative partnered with Omni.

Home screen for on multiple devices.
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"I Feel the Need, The Need for Speed!"

Snappy sites aren't just "nice to have" anymore. Google uses site speed as one of the signals used by it's algorithm to rank pages, 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load, and a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions (which is $2.5 million in unrealized revenue if your e-commerce site is making $100k/day).

Our front-end developers think about performance by default. For, we were able to reach a 98 in Google's PageSpeed tool on day one. Pretty snappy!

Pagespeed score for

Complex Migrations

Bordas & Bordas was maintaining two separate platforms that both contained years of valuable content. While we needed to migrate this content to the new platform, we also needed to pay special attention to retain any SEO benefits this content was receiving.

Their 'WV Supreme Court of Appeals Blog' site ran on WordPress, while their old company site's "News" posts ran on a proprietary CMS named Firmwise. This meant that we needed to create two migrations: one from a WordPress site, and one from a Microsoft SQL database.

We created our migrations and planned our site launch procedures around these features to ensure no data was lost in transition. Today both blogs run on Drupal, and all legacy urls are redirected for SEO and usability purposes.


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