Moving a Nursing Home to Electronic Health Records

Upgrading from paper-based records to digital ones.

Resident documentation was all paper based.

Good Shepherd Nursing Home partnered with Omni to develop a project to integrate technology and new documentation processes with all departments (administrative, clinical, dietary, admissions, social services) and provide staff with pertinent digital access to the health record data for all residents and improve resident care.

System Selection
Operation Assessments
Liz Gates
Elizabeth Gates
VP of Advisory Services

The Issue

A Need for Medical Record Keeping

Good Shepherd Nursing home in Wheeling WV identified a need to address the use of technology to improve the way they delivered patient care and to address the need for medical record keeping. The first step was to identify the correct technology provider to consult with on the proper way to proceed. Omni Strategic Technologies had been a long standing vendor for Good Shepherd and was quickly selected as the best partner for this project. Administrator, Donald Kirsch commented

We knew that upgrading our IT Network and overall technology was a critical need and Omni had always been responsive, professional and forward thinking, so we knew that they were the correct partner to choose for this task.

Rapid Business Assessment

Omni Technologies completed a Rapid Business Assessment for Good Shepherd to best understand the gaps that existed in their IT Network and to help identify the best technologies to improve all processes. Omni Account Executive, Liz Gates offered

“Good Shepherd maintains the highest level of expectation for patient care and wanted to identify the best technology tools possible for their employees to better do their jobs. Once the assessment was complete, we presented the recommended technology solutions to the Good Shepherd staff and we began to plan the deployment. Having a customer who valued the trusted advisor role that Omni takes so seriously, made the process much more effective for the customer and for Omni in their role as IT service provider.”

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