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Cloud Services

Office 365 for Small Business

Small companies don’t have the resources, time or money to dedicate a team of IT folks to manage their email, MS Office applications along with all the storage, backup, regulatory and security compliance that go with it.  What they do want is a piece of mind knowing their IT needs are taken care of, so they can concentrate on growing the business.  With Office 365, your company gets the added benefits of remote access of email and their personal files on One Drive, backup, security and collaboration tools for their employees to improve communication.  Best of all, employees use a familiar product, Microsoft Office!  This will help with training and improve productivity with all the other benefits and essential tools for collaboration.

Want to know what is included in each of the Office 365 e-mail plans? At Omni Strategic Technologies, we offer various plans based on your company needs:

  • Exchange Online
  • Business Essentials
  • Business Premium
  • Enterprise E1
  • Enterprise E3

Contact Omni Strategic Technologies to help guide you through this transition,

Cloud Security

Cloud security for small and mid-size businesses has been gaining a lot of ground and respect in recent years. Businesses shouldn’t ignore the added advantage and leverage a team of cloud security and network experts can bring. While small to mid-size businesses don’t typically possess the resources to build a team to protect their network, computers, and data from loss, anti-virus or malware, they can realize the following advantages through cloud-based security programs;

High Standards

Small to mid-size businesses don’t have the time, money or know how to implement multi-factor authentication in their environment. User ID and passwords are being hacked or stolen all the time.  With multi-factor, your identity is verified via another method along with user ID and password, something end user knows, has (token) or biometrics (fingerprint).

Physical security and stringent rules, depending on the industry, is also another expense small to mid-size business can’t undertake when it comes to properly protecting and backing your data. In the cloud, your data is replicated and backed up in case of a malicious attack, natural disaster or an accidental deletion. 

Data Protection

In order to ensure you always have access to your data, cloud security providers implement advanced technology and maintain multiple data centers to replicate your data to several locations. These cloud providers have the latest encryption and detection tools in place to protect your data at rest and in transit to meet regulatory compliance.

System Management

System management entails installing and managing patches, applying updates or code changes to the computers and servers in your network environment. These improvements keep hackers and malware at bay by ensuring that your environment is updated and that security holes are patched.

The work can be tedious and time consuming to maintain these systems.  Depending on the number of applications your business uses or the ones that vendors depend on, Adobe, Java, PDF, etc.., to make their application run properly is a never ending.  Cloud solutions constantly scan systems and use an automated process to deploy these patches and updates to your network environment.

Conducting proactive scans and monitoring with managed IT reduces data security issues and increases productivity over time.

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