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Cloud Consulting & Engineering

Enterprise Office 365

Chief Information Officers must balance many competing tasks today; regulatory and security compliance, upgrades and patches to existing systems, and new project implementations are just a few of the challenges. Limited resources and changing economic and technology landscapes certainly do not make the job any easier!

With Enterprise Office 365 solutions, information technology leaders can implement solutions that help mobile employees work on the go, enhance communications across departments, and secure an organization's data.

  • Spend less time securing your network with Microsoft's cloud data protection, advanced IT controls, and enterprise-leve security practices.
  • Collaborate across departments with centralized secured storage, document collaboration, instant messaging, and online meetings.
  • Bring your own devices with Microsoft's cross-device Office suite. Enjoy an Office experience across PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile devices!
  • Avoid training costs with the same Microsoft products your workforce is familiar with today.

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Exchange to Office 365 Migrations

Moving from Exchange to Office 365 has never been easier with out suite of solutions and services to help you manage and perform Active Directory, mailbox and public folder migrations.

Cloud Security

From assessing your environment, migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, or managing your cloud IT investment effectively, Omni provides the right services and solutions to ensure organizations have a successful cloud transformation.

Are you worried about the consequences of security unpreparedness?

  • Compliance issues
  • Data Theft & Loss
  • I​ntellectual property theft
  • Service interruptions and downtime
  • Costly lawsuits

DDoS attacks, malware, ransomware, exploits, and bad actors are all threats that your organization needs to navigate today.

Work with our experts to conduct risk assessments, create policies for recovery time objectives, and to create IT policies that address the human element for a more complete understanding of your security risk.

Benefits include

  • 24/7/365 cloud systems monitoring and oversight.
  • Protection against data loss and theft through data redundancy and replication.
  • Scalability. As your organization's needs grow, so can your infrastructure without massive delays and capital expenditures.
  • Peace of mind.

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