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Digital Marketing Consulting

Hire a marketing consultant. Transform into a thriving business.

With constantly emerging new technologies, effective marketing is now more about creating a memorable customer experience and not about how many places your brand and messaging can appear.  The challenge isn't just finding's keeping them by creating engaging and relevant content, that finds them at the right place, at the right time. 

We use strategy, technology, and design to deliver experiences for a digital world that can ignite and sustain your business. Omni can help you move faster, be more agile, and bring ideas to market more quickly. Customers are getting more power, but with the right digital partner and marketing consultant, you can have it too. 

Digital Marketing Consulting

Our Process


During this step, we learn all about your company, past activity, expectations, and goals.


During the assessment, we use the information from the discovery and execute more research in your industry and with your company. 

Action Plan

Lastly, your new marketing consultant will develop a comprehensive report (based off of the assessment) that is filled with recommendations and actionable steps that you and your internal team can use for digital success.

Assessment and Action Areas

  • Marketing & brand analysis
  • Competitive marketing analysis
  • Alignment of marketing strategy with business goals
  • Keyword analysis
  • Sales team & CRM analysis
  • Customer digital experience analysis
  • Customer lifecycle research
  • Buyer/customer persona research
  • Quality lead identification research
  • Marketing systems and tools recommendations
  • Content strategy (website & blog)
  • Demand generation strategy (social media, SEO, PPC)
  • Lead nurturing strategy
  • Data analysis and customer data strategy