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Managed IT

Rest your head at night knowing Omni has your back!

More Uptime, Less Stress

Omni’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) services offer one simple agreement that makes us responsible for maintaining your technology and supporting your people.

We handle the technology challenges that you’re not able to. From network maintenance to phones and security, Omni is your one-stop solution for operations bliss.

Support Call

A Team of Experts

Why hire an individual, who needs to be a jack-of-all-trades, when you could hire an entire team of highly-certified engineers and technicians?

For us, it makes much more sense to hire a diverse team who's there when you need them, with the knowledge you need, and the experience to back it up.

What We Do


We primarily manage Microsoft desktops and laptops, though we can also ensure the use of Apple and Android devices on your network.

Servers & Storage

Omni can pave a lane from the information highway to your front door. 


Firewall, end-points, vulnerability testing, ASAs.


Network switches, wireless networks, dohickies, whatchmacalits.

Backup-up (BDR)

What would your business do if your data were lost tomorrow? Could you recover? Don’t wait for a crisis — let Omni put your fears to ease with back-up solutions!

How We Do It

We’ve designed an onboarding process designed to seemlessly connect our experts with your network while keeping you focused on your business.


It’s pretty difficult to succeed if you’re not planning to do so. We really want you to succeed, so we’ll document your systems and provide you with timely insights into how we’ll begin supporting your business.

Think of this as the warming-up stage in our newly developed relationship.

Contract Review

Based on the information collected during the Discovery Phase, we will draft an agreement for your review that includes the services you need from us to keep your technology running smoothly.

Ready for Launch

Once the contract is signed, we will provide you with a launch plan. Depending on the size of your technology environment it typically takes between two and six week weeks for us to fully onboard your company with all of our agreed upon services in place. The Launch Plan will include tasks such and installing monitoring and other tools as well as providing instruction to the staff on how to request support.


During the onboarding process your account manager and other staff will be checking in periodically to ensure there is a smooth transition.

Post-Implementation Review

Once onboarding is completed, we will provide a summary of the onboarding and resolve any outstanding questions or issues.

Value Dashboard

What better way to tell Omni's story than through the good work we do for others? We built a timeline that shows you exactly how we're growing with our clients.

Value Dashboard

Value Dashboard screen capture

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