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Network Infrastructure

Strengthen and secure the foundation of your business operation.

Omni helps organizations fine tune its existing networks and build new more powerful infrastructure to let your team members work faster, with improved performance.

In a digital world, Omni will provide a secure and stable, yet agile work environment, giving you an advantage over your competition and a better experience for your customers.  

A company’s infrastructure technology is now a core competitive advantage….or disadvantage. 

Most executives or end-users don’t spend much time thinking about the underlying systems that enable them to send email, collaborate, create, and even share documents. But they certainly notice when it’s disrupted! 

Omni can assess and improve specific areas of your organization’s infrastructure, or the entire environment. In addition to traditional software and server solutions, we have advanced managed services and hosted solutions than can drive down costs.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure Capabilities

  • Network Security/Firewall Analysis and Design
  • Infrastructure Risk and Security Assessments
  • Desktop and Server Virtualization
  • Remote Access Configuration and Implementation
  • Mobile Device Security and Management
  • Cisco Appliance Installations and Support
  • Active Directory Installations and Support
  • Windows Server 20XX Configuration and Support
  • Office 365 Deployment
  • Exchange Deployment
  • Exchange Server Health Check and Emergency Response
  • Overall IT Emergency Response
  • Procurement Hardware/Software

Our department’s experience with Omni has been very positive.  In addition to their excellent service, they provide a forward-looking perspective in maintaining our network. Omni plans for the future while managing the present, and they do it well.

Wheeling Police Department