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Strategic IT Consulting

Build an intelligent business with intelligent IT.

With personalized attention, Omni aligns your business goals and IT strategy for a clearer roadmap towards improved performance.

Effective businesses don’t just run the latest technology; they apply it and manage it more strategically and effectively. Omni can improve how your organization assesses, applies and manages technology.

From IT strategy to vendor selection, Omni adds significant business value to your management team to improve your return on IT investment and overall business performance.

strategic it consulting

Our Process


During this step we learn all about your company, past activity, expectations and goals. 


During this stage we physically visit your facilities and run diagnostics, talk to your team and visually assess your equipment. 

Action Plan

From the assessment, we develop a comprehensive report that is filled with recommendations and actionable steps that you and your team can take to operate more effectively. 

Assessment and Action Areas

  • IT Assessment and Planning
  • IT Due Diligence and Organizational Design
  • Monthly IT Consulting - Virtual CIO
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Business Process Design/Redesign
  • Hardware Procurement Guidance
  • Network Assessment and Design
  • Cyber Security Audit and Consulting
  • Compliance Audit and Consulting
  • Cloud Hosting Migration Consulting