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Technology Learning Programs

Empower your team members to use the full power of technology.

According to several studies, most Microsoft Office users are familiar with only 10% of its features!

Even fewer can use the power of Office fully in their day-to-day job tasks. This leads to serious under-utilization of resources and tools.

At Omni, we don’t just train for the use of built-in application features. We train to the task or business process inherent in your team’s day-to-day job roles.

Are your team members effective in using tools to get their jobs done more quickly and proactively? That’s the key question to ask and the goal of our training and professional development approach.

We also teach business skills and process thinking, which - combined with the power of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, SharePoint and other tools – can dramatically improve your team members’ ability to effectively execute your organization’s strategy.

technology learning programs

Our Learning Programs

  • Certification and Technology Training
  • User Applications Training – Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, SharePoint
  • Custom Applications Training
  • Process Training
  • Business Skills Training
  • Digital Marketing Training