How We Successfully Re-Positioned Wilson Blacktop's Brand via Digital Marketing

From "I had no idea you sold landscaping materials..." to "My wife wants this - she saw it on Facebook."

When Wilson Blacktop came to us in 2017, they suffered from branding and marketing issues that plague many small-town businesses. 

They had no website, an outdated logo, no online presence on social media, no digital directory listings, no online reviews, and a massive issue with brand confusion.

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The Problem

The first few issues are easy to solve. Any one can build a website, design a modern logo, and list your business online. The real pain point was with the brand confusion. Wilson Blacktop was known for one thing and one thing only - asphalt. It was in the name, so understandably, customers and the community just assumed all they did was blacktop driveways, roads, and parking lots.

However, Wilson Blacktop also sold landscaping materials. They had a large materials yard with over 25 different styles of mulch, gravel, and decorative stone. They were missing a huge potential audience - residents and homeowners in the community. We knew exactly what needed to be done. 

Step 1: The Fundamentals

The first thing we needed to do was build an online presence for Wilson Blacktop

    First, we updated their logo to be a little more sleek and modern. 
  • Next, we set up a Facebook business page and optimized it for lead generation and customer engagement.
  • Then, we designed and developed a beautiful and functional Wordpress website with an online catalog of their landscaping materials.
Wilson Blacktop Website Design Home Page
Wilson Blacktop Website Design Materials Calculator

A Lead Generating Materials Calculator

Wilson Home Catalog Materials

A Catalog of Products

Wilson-Marketing-Sample Posts.png

Three Month Campaign Results

After just three months, the results were astounding. Leads were pouring in through the online messenger as well as through the phone. The organic (unpaid) online engagement was higher than we could have ever hoped for.

Facebook Activity Overview

In just a few short months, Wilson Blacktops ads and social media posts were seen over 630,000 times. Facebook users had engaged with their posts through comments, likes, and shares, over 17,300 times. Over 1,200 users clicked to Wilson Blacktop's website to learn more from their Facebook page.

Stats Read as follows: Impressions = 630.4k, Engagements = 17.4k, Clicks = 1,223

Facebook Audience Growth

As soon as we launched the campaign, we knew we were going to reach new levels of success. In a single day, we gathered over 600 organic page likes on Facebook.

Charts show a gain of over 600 organic likes in a single day.

By the end of the 3 month campaign, Wilson Blacktop's Facebook page had gained over 1,900 Facebook fans.

Charts and statistics show that Facebook audience increased 3,587%

Top Posts Engagement and Reach

Top posts were consistently reaching tens of thousands of Facebook users every single day. One post was able to reach almost 88,000 local Facebook users. 

Top posts show engagement of thousands of social media followers

Facebook Impressions

In just a few months, WIlson Blacktop's posts and ads had been seen by local Facebook users over 630,000 times, reaching users around 3,700 times per day.

A chart showing number of impressions indicates Wilson Blacktop's posts and ads were seen over 630,000 times in 3 months.

Facebook Engagement

Wilson Blacktop's posts and ads were interacted with through comments, likes, and shares over 17,300 times.

Charts indicate that Wilson Blacktop's posts and ads were interacted with through comments, likes, and shares over 17,300 times in the first 3 months.

Facebook Audience Demographics

Perhaps the most impressive stats of all were the location of the Facebook users. The users that were engaging with Wilson Blackop's social media posts weren't foreigners over seas being paid pennies to click and interact with user's posts online. These were real users within the community that Wilson Blacktop served. 

Over 98% of Wilson Blacktop's followers were located within their 50 mile radius service area. 

Charts displaying demographics of Wilson Blacktops Fans

In Review

Not only were we able to overcome the stigma of Wilson Blacktop only providing asphalt, we were also able to increase website traffic, foot traffic, and lead inquiries through a strategic digital marketing plan. Omni is proud to continue to provide equally as successful results year after year.

Client Testimonial

We look forward to continuing our relationship with your team, as we’ve been very pleased with the results and outcomes of past campaigns. Hopefully we can continue to build on those results!

Jon Kurtz
Wilson Blacktop

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